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Welcome to Wellspring Massage Center.  At Wellspring, we invite you to experience the healing power of true relaxation whether for stress relief, recovery from an injury, or as part of your general wellness practice.  We have created the space for you to unwind and restore.    


Our Philosophy

Training the body to RELAX is just as important as proper nutrition, exercise, and sleep.  It is easy to find ourselves lost in the furious pace of our thoughts, which results from our busy lifestyle.  This is your opportunity to Slow down. Breathe. Reconnect.

Experts estimate that upwards of 90% of disease is stress related.  Stress comes in a multitude of forms and its effects on the body are just as numerous: from constricted muscles and increased blood pressure to emotional imbalances and fatigue.  All of which result in a weakened immune system, making us susceptible to acute and chronic health issues.  Massage is an incredible way to help manage stress and create mindfulness of the body.

prescott arizona massage therapy for pain and relaxation

About Paula 

Paula Hewing is the founder and primary massage therapist at Wellspring. Paula integrates Swedish, Deep Tissue, Cupping Therapy and Craniosacral techniques to help you release tension and achieve deep states of mental and physical relaxation.  While each session is personalized, you will find that her work is slow, thoughtful, and nurturing.  Paula has practiced in the Prescott area for over 16 years; she loves the diversity of the natural environment and the active, healthy lifestyle that it inspires.  ​

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"My favorite lesson comes from the heart.  The heart is supplied by its own set of blood vessels, the coronary arteries.  As freshly oxygenated blood leaves the heart it enters the aorta. The coronary arteries arise from the aorta directly after leaving the heart to supply its own muscles.  That means that in order to take care of the rest of the body, the heart must first take care of itself.  Perhaps we can all learn something from our hearts."    ~ Paula 

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