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Integrated Massage Therapy - Deep Tissue, Lomi Lomi, CranioSacral & Cupping in Prescott, AZ


"Wellspring is a comfortable, welcoming salon - the decor and colors are very restful and relaxing.  Paula is a very caring, dedicated professional who immediately put me at ease (even though I find it difficult to relax) and was very much in tune to my needs.  She uses a variety of techniques which are very soothing and has helped me not only through massage but she has also given me exercise suggestions to improve my back and shoulder muscles.  I highly recommend visiting Paula at Wellspring!"

~ Susan M.

"I have had lower back problems for the last thirty years.  When I moved to Prescott, I had tried out four massage therapists before I found Paula.  Her expertise in deep tissue massage has allowed me to live a normal life and stay away from the surgeon's scalpel."

~ R. Shore


"I receive a monthly 90-minute massage from Paula.  She begins each session asking about my bodily concerns and revises the massage accordingly.  I leave feeling revitalized, both mentally and physically, and ready to get on with my daily life."

~ Patricia DuBois

"I have been seeing Paula for massage therapy for years, and I'm pleased to write a testimonial about her work.  I have been most impressed with how she creates each session from what is going on with me at any given time.  Her ability to integrate different modalities has greatly contributed to my program of wellness.  Since moving to Prescott in 1985, I have seen 5 different massage therapists, and I can easily say that Paula is by far the best.  It is not only her skill level, but her genuine caring for each person she works on that truly separates her from everyone else I've seen.  I continue to refer both friends and patients to her to aid in their healing.  I would highly recommend her."


~ Bill Rubin, M.S.

"I am a 78-year-old female caregiver.  My monthly massage is a necessary part of caring for myself.  Paula releases the tense muscles, listens quietly and allows me to mentally wander.  Her massage makes continuing my active lifestyle possible."

~ Sylvia Grimmer

"Paula uses a wide variety of techniques in her customized massage practice.  She has a gift for tuning in to what my body needs for ultimate relaxation.  The nurturing environment Paula has created with heated table, relaxing music, and pleasing art enhances my enjoyment of the experience."


~ L. Quenichet

"Good health is very important to me and Paula greatly helps me to achieve that goal.  I have been seeing her regularly for over a year now and feel so much better for it.  She works on any problem areas with knowledge and changes the massage to fit what is going on with me at the time of each visit."


~ Monica G

"From the moment you walk into this small and intimate space the experience is wonderful.  She greets you with a calm approach which instantly puts you at ease. The environment is bright and cheery.  The massage area is roomy and private with sounds and scents that are inviting to your senses.   I think I may be done with the big business day spas.  No offensive odors from a nail tech or someone getting a hair permanent.  No idle chatter that can be disruptive.  When I leave Wellspring I feel like I am walking on air.  I would highly recommend Paula and Wellspring if you are looking for a good and competent massage therapist along with a great experience."


~ Jan

"The profound sense of wholeness and well-being I experience after each massage is unprecedented in my experience. The technical expertise, professionalism, and extraordinary intuition that she brings to each session is a rare combination."


~ C. Berry

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